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A blog for some of my art. It will mostly be SnK for now. :B

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Trick or Treat? 

We are seeing orange and black right now, so we’re doing a Heroic Spooptacular Giveaway! What does that mean? It means that Heroine and I will be making tricky Mobuhan Halloween cards with a special treat inside (non-edible, so no worries as to allergies!) to mail out! I can’t promise how many we will make, but if you want one send me a message!

Even if you don’t want one, I really appreciate any reblogs to help spread the offer to more people! Stay spoopy! 


-Don’t be shy! Send me a message!!  You can even do it anonymously! Either way is fine. :)

-You have to give me an address to mail it to. Please don’t ask for one if you aren’t comfortable with that. I literally cannot mail it to you without it. lol 

-It doesn’t matter if you are international. I will mail to you. 

-You should like Mobuhan, since you know, it will be Mobuhan themed. (Although, it’s not really shippy, just fun. ^^; )

-You must include some kind of name for me to address it to, even if it’s not your real name. 

-Please send your mailing information in the message you send me. I may skip you for someone else if you don’t.

Gladiolus, the “sword” flower, represents strength. 

"Hmmm? You wouldn’t be moping over here, would you, Edward?"

"H-HUH?! Definitely not!"

I could have drawn sad things for October 3rd, but why would I when I can draw this adorkable couple?

I’m late to post this, but here’s something for inktober. I know I can’t do one everyday, but I’m going to aim for at least once a week. =)

I like to imagine Jean asking Armin for help when trying to pick out a gift for Mikasa, but she’s not really an easy person to buy for, so in the end they buy her barbells. lol 

So I have this AU headcanon where Jean gets Mikasa a horse plush because he thought it would be cute, but she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do with it. Even so, when he leaves early for work or something, she finds herself comforted by it, and that of course makes Jean flustered but happy when he notices. 

Have a bit of Aruani for your day.

"I really think you should slow down on the drinking, Squad Leader!"

"Moblit, don’t be so dull! C’mon Nifa, let’s ditch these boring guys and have a girls’ night out!"

Happy birthday, Hanji!

Anonymous asked:
Good sir, I love your drawing and colouring!

Aajshfkjhjdka, thank you anon!!! You’re too kind!

A small doodle for Heroine because school is stressing her out. D: 

Just a quick painting thingy on a scrap of matte board. I need to paint more, and not just doodles on scraps, too. lol

While playing Pokemon Red with friends, our pokemon kept getting named after Haikyuu! characters. lol