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A blog for some of my art. It will mostly be SnK for now. :B

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You probably hear this alot but your art is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G*!*!*! Would you draw some more Jean/Mikasa or Hanji/Moburito?
Interestingly enough, Anon, those are the two ships I’m into the most right now. How did you know?! .__. But really, thank you so much for the support! I’m really happy you like my work, and there should be more to come soon! Life has just had me a bit preoccupied as of late. 

I was looking through some brushes I downloaded a while ago and realized that wowie these are some nice brushes and then there was Mikasa. Rough doodles like this are nice stress relief.

Rivetra Week: Flowers

I really meant to take part in each day of Rivetra week, but I’ve been incredibly busy with work, and I’ve practically had more family in the hospital than out of it recently, so I wasn’t able to. ;___; However, I couldn’t let the whole week pass without doinganything for it, even if this is late. Heroine also wrote a drabble below to go along with the picture. =)


"Levi!" A bright, playful giggle as he feels something soft touch his scalp.

"Hnnnn?" Flat, ashen orbs flit up to her at his side, deft, charcoal eyes making quick work of the lines of her face- committed to memory. There’s a vibrant luminosity to her even on the most dreary of days. Nonetheless, he’s pleased today isn’t one of those. The grass- verdent and lush- whistles with the welcoming of spring; dotted with flowers, just like the handwoven wreath that now decorates his raven crown in tiny specks of white. Truly, she expected him to immediately toss it from his brow, but he hardly moves, staring her down rather flatly as she settles herself at his side. "What is this, Petra?"

"Ah, it’s a flower crown." A soft smile. "My father used to make them with me when I was a girl."

"I think it would look better on you."

She stifles a giggle, a coy smile painting her face as a breeze rushes her honey locks. “No. I like it this way.”


"Er, would you rather I took it back?"

He pulls it down from his scalp, studying the way she’s knotted and twisted the stems in a manner that doesn’t look half like destruction. No, it’s clean and skillful- just like her. “No. I like it this way.” Flat words.

She places it atop his head anew, a playful curve to her lips as she cuddles against his sitting form on this verdant, earthly carpet. “I knew you would.”

"Next time, you’ll wear it."

"All right."

That time never came. Dried, cracked leaves and petals nearly turn to dust in his fingers. She too - like these flowers-, is wilted and gone. What she did all those months ago, he would have crafted for her in return- a thickly woven crown of 3- no 4- no 5 layers; full of warm sparks of pink, lush purples and tiny flints of cerulean that would pierce through the lacy silken, translucent cloth laid about her copper locks. Yes, a crown, only fitting- for she is, after all, the Queen of his heart. However, he can never fulfill such a promise, and neither can she- she never showed him how she so skillfully created such worthless, beautiful things. Even if she had, there’s no longer a honey coloured girl to share them with anyway.

Answering Asks Again

I’m so sorry I’m so bad about answering asks. OTL 

I read each one, I’m just slow about replying. lol And to my Dolphin Anon, do you have a link to your Zoo AU, because I really wanna know more about the horny gorilla. Wow. That’s a sentence I never thought I would type. o__o;;

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I got hate on that pic of Petra and Nifa, but I wasn’t comparing the two at all. In fact, I was just pointing out how everybody is so intimidated by Levi, but then you get to know him and realize he’s an awkward weirdo. 

Petra and Nifa are both cool. I think it was a misinterpretation of what I drew, and I’m sorry to anyone who gets ignorant hate. Go on liking what you like, shipping what you ship, and creating what you want. Haters gonna hate.

"You’re so skilled, and you aren’t even intimidated by Levi Heichou! I really admire you, Petra."

"Oh, come on, now; I’m not that great. Plus, once you get to know him, Levi’s just a big softie anyway. He’s nothing to be intimidated by."

Prince Charming, my ass.

I actually drew this a while back when people were sending Heroine a bunch of messages about how Erwin was soooo charming in her fanfic and that Levi needed to work harder to impress Petra. I just couldn’t see Levi being too pleased. lol

I drew this before I realized his nickname was actually lizard man… So have some Midoufroggie instead. >_>;;

I’ve been wanting to do Mikenana nose kisses since forever, so Kissing Day seemed perfect. Even though I’m technically late…

I made cat icons of theheroineisme and myself on here because I make good life decisions.

I’m pretty sure this has been done before, but I really liked the idea of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf yumikuri. An AU in which the wolf tries to eat Little Red until she realizes wow she’s cute and just tries to get a date instead. XD